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Welcome to my site! Thank you for visiting to learn who I am and how coaching can work for you.

Forward-looking individuals, organizations and congregations strive to be the best they can be. They want to keep growing and innovating to stay relevant and active in mission. Coaching draws on the wisdom and passions of the individual or group to think critically about the present and to create new vision for the future.

My ideal client is an  individual or group that is ready to imagine and create the future they want. I seek clients who are motivated and challenge-ready. If this sounds like you, contact me for a free consultation.



As the Church (apostolic/universal) finds itself in the midst of constant and chaotic change, many congregations are looking for help. Whether they are discerning their next mission focus or just trying to figure out how to keep the congregation together, an external coach can give guidance and perspective that the pastor cannot. 
There are many “experts” willing to consult and advise churches on what they should do. However, the real expert is the congregation itself. The members know the history, the passions, the conflicts, and the challenges of the church better than anyone else. They know their neighborhoods, and where they are most needed. They also know their own energy level, and willingness to go to those places. 
Congregations have it within themselves to discern God’s will for their futures. Instead of an “expert” to tell them what they should do, they are better served by a coach who can guide them through self-discernment. Decisions made through a coaching process belong to the congregation. Because they have been self-determined, the church will have more commitment and energy to accomplish their goals. 
Here are some tips on finding the right coach for your congregation:

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